The Cambria Emporium:
A Distinctive Collection of Shops
in a Distinctive Place


We will be open:

 Monday-Saturday 10 am - 5 pm and Sunday 1 pm - 5 pm

Fun Facts About Cambria

The Cambria Emporium is located in the Surface-Lee Building, the remaining building left from the Surface Block, built in 1908. According to Gibson Worsham, a noted architectural historian and author of the Montgomery County Survey of Historic Sites (1986)," the Surface Lee Block (which was built as a wholesale grocery business dependant upon the railroad and good roads to bring produce to Cambria) and the Dew Drop Inn (which originally housed the county's first hospital and drug store, located across Depot Street) are among the most architecturally significant and substantial commercial buildings in the county." In addition, the Cambria Emporium, situated at the intersection of Depot and Cambria Streets, is located across the street from the Cambria (Christiansburg) Depot, one of the few remaining wooden Railroad Italianate depots left in the United States, and according to Gibson, "one of the region's finest railroad depots and one of the oldest depots in the State of Virginia." Interestingly enough, the freight elevator in the Cambria Emporium, was purchased second hand from a company in Roanoke when the Surface-Lee Building was constructed in 1908, and is actually 30 years older than the building. According to Southern Elevator, it is the oldest elevator, still in operation, in the State of Virginia.